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Fête Nationale du Québec - Quebec National Day (Canadian Holiday)

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Fête Nationale du Québec (Canadian Holiday)

Fête Nationale du Québec, officially known as the National Holiday of Quebec, is celebrated on June 24 in Quebec, Canada. This holiday marks the summer solstice and honors the patron saint of French Canadians, Jean Baptiste (John the Baptist).

Celebrations often begin the night before with bonfires, dancing, and traditional folk songs. On the morning of the holiday, parades take place in major cities. A Roman Catholic mass is typically celebrated, followed by popular music concerts featuring local, national, and international artists. French Canadians living outside Quebec also celebrate this holiday, leading some non-French Canadians in Quebec to view it as an ethnic celebration rather than a provincial one.

Initially, June 24 was a religious holiday celebrating the birth of John the Baptist. From 1834, it became the national holiday of French Canadians. In 1925, the Quebec legislature declared June 24 a statutory holiday. In 1977, an official government decree established it as the national holiday of Quebec.

In 1636, French Canadians revived an ancient Gallic tradition by lighting bonfires in honor of the summer solstice. This annual pagan event eventually merged with the feast of St. John the Baptist, led by the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society. This society was founded in 1834 as the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Association and renamed in 1914. In 1977, then-premier René Lévesque officially recognized the day as a national holiday in Quebec.

Over the years, Fête Nationale du Québec has evolved into a vibrant celebration of Quebecois culture and heritage, showcasing the province’s rich traditions and community spirit.

Fête Nationale du Québec

Fête Nationale du Québec
 June 24
Name Quebec National Day
Other Name “ Saint-Jean-Baptiste ” or “Saint-Jean”
Kind National Holiday
Date  June 24
Related Saint John’s Day

History and Origins

The origins of Fête Nationale du Québec date back to 1834 when Ludger Duvernay, a journalist and founder of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, organized the first celebration in Montreal. Inspired by Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, Duvernay envisioned a day that would foster a sense of unity and pride among French Canadians. The event quickly gained popularity, and by 1925, June 24 was officially declared a public holiday in Quebec.


Fête Nationale du Québec is more than just a holiday; it is a celebration of Quebec’s culture, language, and history. It embodies the province’s distinct identity within Canada, highlighting its French roots and contributions to the country’s cultural mosaic. The day serves as an opportunity for Quebecers to express their pride in their heritage and to pass on their traditions to future generations.

Modern Celebrations

In recent years, Fête Nationale du Québec has embraced modern elements while maintaining its traditional roots. Technology has played a role in expanding the reach of the celebrations, with live broadcasts and social media sharing making it possible for those unable to attend in person to join in the festivities. The holiday also reflects the diversity of contemporary Quebec, incorporating multicultural elements that enrich the celebrations.


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