Battle of Flores (1591) – Biography Points

Battle of Flores (1591)

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Battle of Flores (1591)

The Battle of Flores, fought on August 30–31, 1591, between Spain and England off Flores Island in the Azores, marked a notable Spanish victory, showcasing the resurgence of Spain’s naval power following the 1588 Armada debacle. For the English, the valiant stand by Richard Grenville’s ship, Revenge, became legendary, immortalized in Tennyson’s poem “The Revenge.”

The Azores were a prime target for English raids in the decade before and several years after the Armada’s defeat. Notable captains such as Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh frequently attacked Spanish and Portuguese ships in the region. In 1591, an English squadron of 16 ships, led by Thomas Howard, sailed to the Azores, aiming to intercept the annual Spanish treasure fleet laden with silver and gold from the Americas. They waited for months, but their crews were progressively weakened by disease. Meanwhile, Spain assembled a powerful fleet of 53 ships under Admiral Alonso de Bazán to counter Howard’s squadron.

On August 30, the English, many still ill with fever, took on water at Ponta Delgada on Flores Island when the Spanish fleet arrived. Although Bazán attempted to trap them with a pincer movement, all the English ships except one managed to escape. Lagging, Grenville’s Revenge was rammed by a Spanish galleon and surrounded by enemy warships. Grenville, known for his fierce reputation, fought off Spanish boarding parties and kept his men firing, engaging five enemy ships simultaneously and sinking one. The battle raged for fifteen hours. On the morning of August 31, with further resistance futile, Grenville ordered his crew to blow up the ship rather than surrender. His crew refused to obey. Gravely wounded, Grenville watched as his ship was taken over by the Spanish before he died two days later. Bazán’s flotilla rendezvoused with the treasure fleet a week later, and the combined fleet of about 140 ships sailed to Spain. However, they never succeeded in taking Revenge home as a prize; the ship sank in an Atlantic storm near Terceira Island, with all its Spanish crew and English prisoners perishing.

The following year, Drake returned with a small fleet, later commanded by Martin Frobisher, and seized a Portuguese treasure ship. They also damaged several other Spanish and Portuguese vessels off Flores. English warships continued to harass shipping off the Azores until England and Spain signed a peace treaty in 1604.

Part of the Anglo–Spanish War

Battle of Flores (1591)
Spanish history 1591
Date31 August – 1 September 1591
LocationOff Flores, Azores
  • Spain
  • England
ResultSpanish victory
Spain55 warships
England22 warships
Commanders and leaders


  • Alonso de Bazán
  • Martín de Bertendona
  • Marcos de Aramburu


  • Earl of Suffolk
  • Richard Grenville

Background of the Battle

In the late 16th century, Spain was a dominant global power with vast territories and a formidable navy. The Anglo-Spanish War erupted due to religious, economic, and political tensions between Catholic Spain and Protestant England. Spain sought to maintain its dominance and suppress English interference in its colonial interests, while England aimed to assert its own power and protect its maritime interests.

The Battle of Flores took place during Spain’s attempt to maintain its supply routes and protect its treasure fleets returning from the Americas. The Spanish Armada, under the command of Don Alonso de Bazán, was tasked with escorting a convoy of merchant ships laden with valuable cargo.

The Encounter at Flores

On August 30, 1591, the Spanish fleet encountered the English forces near the Azores archipelago, specifically around the island of Flores. The English fleet, led by Sir Richard Grenville aboard the galleon Revenge, sought to intercept the Spanish convoy and seize its valuable cargo. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Grenville decided to engage the Spanish forces, exemplifying the daring and audacious spirit of the English navy.

Aftermath and Significance

The Battle of Flores had several far-reaching consequences. Despite the English defeat, the battle demonstrated the vulnerability of the Spanish Armada and the resilience of the English navy. It also highlighted the strategic importance of controlling maritime routes and the impact of individual heroism on the course of history.

For Spain, the battle was a mixed outcome. While they managed to protect their convoy and capture the Revenge, the heavy losses suffered in the engagement revealed the growing challenge of maintaining naval supremacy. The battle also contributed to the ongoing strain on Spanish resources and the eventual decline of Spain as the preeminent maritime power.

Battle of Flores
Battle of Flores (1591)

Legacy of the Battle of Flores

The legacy of the Battle of Flores endures in both Spanish and English naval history. Sir Richard Grenville’s heroic stand became legendary, immortalized in literature and folklore. His actions inspired subsequent generations of naval officers and contributed to the mythos of the indomitable English spirit.

For Spain, the battle served as a reminder of the evolving nature of naval warfare and the necessity for strategic adaptation. It underscored the importance of innovation and resilience in the face of adversity, lessons that would resonate throughout Spanish naval history.


Ships and Equipment

CountryShips InvolvedNotable ShipsEquipment
SpainApproximately 53 shipsSan Felipe, San BernabéCannons, muskets, boarding equipment
England1 galleon (Revenge)RevengeCannons, muskets, cutlasses

Casualties and Losses

CountryCasualtiesShips Lost
SpainEstimated 2,000+ killed or woundedNone
EnglandApproximately 100+ killed, 200 captured1 (Revenge captured)


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