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30 Days of Night : Series

“30 Days of Night” emerges as a succinct horror comic book miniseries, spanning three issues, with the narrative craftsmanship of Steve Niles and artistic prowess of Ben Templesmith. This eerie chronicle found its literary dwelling under the aegis of the American [3] enterprise IDW Publishing in the year 2002. Notably, the collaborative nature of this endeavor is highlighted by the shared ownership vested in all three key contributors.

Set against the backdrop of Barrow, Alaska—a locale so remote that its winter witnesses an uninterrupted nocturnal span of 30 days—the series ingeniously capitalizes on the absence of sunlight. In this unique scenario, vampires, hindered by daylight, exploit the extended darkness to indulge in a spree of townfolk slaughter and unrestrained feeding.

Originally met with lukewarm reception as a film proposal, the miniseries swiftly transformed into a triumphant saga for Steve Niles. This accomplishment carried additional significance as Niles’ previous literary undertakings had garnered relatively modest attention. For co-creator Ben Templesmith, it marked his maiden foray into a full-fledged endeavor. The saga’s impact reverberated further through a series of sequels, culminating in a cinematic adaptation bearing the same title in 2007.

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 IDW Publishing




 August – October 2002



In the frigid expanse of Barrow, Alaska, a chilling prospect lures vampires from far and wide. Nestled in this remote enclave is a rare phenomenon—30 days of unbroken twilight, where the sun’s absence grants them unhindered access to feed without the looming specter of sunlight’s deadly touch. The town becomes their feeding ground, their sanctuary of eternal darkness. Yet, beyond the veil of night, a figure emerges from the shadows, a vampire elder named Vicente. Armed with knowledge of this unholy endeavor, he embarks on a journey to Barrow, propelled by a sinister motive—to thwart this feeding frenzy and safeguard the vampire world’s concealed existence.

As the vampires descend upon the town, their strength is matched only by their vulnerability. The numbing cold impairs their senses, allowing a handful of resolute townsfolk to elude their grasp. Among them is Sheriff Eben Olemaun, whose valor and ingenuity shine in the face of impending doom. In a daring move, Eben infuses himself with vampire blood, unleashing newfound strength that becomes his weapon against Vicente’s malevolent machinations.

A fierce battle unfolds, pitting Eben’s amplified might against Vicente’s dark mastery. In the throes of this confrontation, the lives of the dwindling populace hang in the balance. Eben’s unwavering determination grants hope to the few who remain, most notably his beloved wife Stella. In a climactic twist, Eben, like all creatures of the night, is not impervious to their shared vulnerabilities. As the sun’s rays begin to pierce the horizon, Eben embraces his fate, relinquishing his life to the dawn’s embrace. His body dissolves into ash, leaving behind a town forever changed by the harrowing ordeal.

The saga thus etches its final chapter, where sacrifice, heroism, and the inexorable cycle of night and day converge in a tale of unrelenting darkness and fleeting light.

Creative Team


Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith


  • Steve Niles
  • Matt Fraction
  • Dan Wickline
  • Kelly Sue DeConnick
  • Ben Templesmith


  • Ben Templesmith
  • Szymon Kudranski
  • Brandon Hovet
  • Josh Medors
  • Kody Chamberlain
  • Nat Jones
  • Milx
  • Alex Sanchez
  • Justin Randall
  • Bill Sienkiewicz




In the annals of the Nosferatu, an ancient lineage of vampires, a “Council of Elders” once held dominion, guided by the enigmatic Vicente. United by a resolve to reveal their existence to humanity, this council’s decision led to a fateful confrontation. Yet, the response from the human realm was one of rebellion and persecution, leading to the decimation of their kind. Over the span of a millennium, only a small remnant remained, and at their helm stood the resolute Vicente.

In this narrative tapestry, vampirism unfurls as a viral affliction, a curse that spreads through scratches, bites, and the mingling of vampire blood with human essence. Those who fall under its spell are transformed into the undead, marked by sinister traits—shark-like fangs, obsidian eyes, and a sinister potency. This newfound existence grants them superhuman attributes: strength, agility, and heightened senses. The sun becomes their nemesis, birthing an aversion that shrouds them in darkness. However, amidst these powers, the cold’s icy grip can diminish their heightened senses. Some, gifted with exceptional prowess, wield additional abilities such as teleportation, telepathy, and shape-shifting.

These Nosferatu deviate from the conventional lore in manifold ways. Wooden stakes, despite their association with death, fail to extinguish their life force; garlic and fire, though potent symbols, prove incapable of dispatching them. Their tenacity defies the direst of circumstances, withstanding explosions and grenades, often losing half their visage yet enduring. Only the severing of their heads or the infusion of sunlight’s life-giving rays can vanquish them—engulfing them in an inferno that reduces them to fleeting ashes.

Ultraviolet light, too, bears the potential to render them to dust, yet even in death’s grip, they endure, capable of rebirth upon contact with blood. This macabre dance between life and death, between darkness and light, paints a mesmerizing portrait of the Nosferatu, a lineage marred by affliction and tenacity, a legacy of power and vulnerability.

  • Vicente
  • Marlow
  • Lilith
  • Agent Norris
  • Santana
  • Dane
  • Billy
  • Zurial
  • Thomas Ramandt
  • Eben Olemaun
  • Stella Olemaun

Collected Editions

“30 Days of Night” emerged as a series of 22-page comic book miniseries under the banner of IDW Publishing. These individual installments have now been compiled into a range of trade paperbacks and hardcover collections, creating an enduring saga.

1. “30 Days of Night” (paperback, encompasses 30 Days of Night #1-3, June 2004, ISBN 0-9719775-5-0). The inaugural edition featured the signatures of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith.
2. “30 Days of Night” (hardcover, compiles 30 Days of Night #1-3, December 2004, ISBN 1-4352-3506-1)
3. “The Complete 30 Days of Night” (hardcover, gathers 30 Days of Night #1-3, January 2004, ISBN 1-932382-17-8)
4. “Dark Days” (paperback, unites Dark Days #1-6, April 2004, ISBN 1-932382-16-X)
5. “The Complete Dark Days” (hardcover, assembles Dark Days #1-6, December 2004, ISBN 1-932382-61-5)
6. “30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow” (paperback, consolidates Return to Barrow #1-6, October 2004, ISBN 1-932382-36-4)
7. “30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow” (hardcover, encompasses Return to Barrow #1-6, October 2004, ISBN 1-4352-3614-9)
8. “30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales” (paperback, brings together Bloodsucker Tales #1-8, September 2005, ISBN 1-932382-78-X)
9. “30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales” (hardcover, compiles Bloodsucker Tales #1-8, August 2005, ISBN 1-933239-11-5)
10. “30 Days of Night: Three Tales” (paperback, combines 30 Days of Night Annual #2, 30 Days of Night: Dead Space #1-3, 30 Days of Night: Picking up the Pieces, July 2006, ISBN 1-933239-92-1)
– “30 Days of Night Annual #2: ‘The Journal of John Ikos'” – Crafted by Steve Niles, illustrated by Nat Jones.
– “30 Days of Night: Dead Space” – Conceived by Steve Niles and Dan Wickline, brought to life by Milx.
11. “30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease” (paperback, encompasses Spreading the Disease #1-5, July 2007, ISBN 1-60010-085-6). Authored by Dan Wickline, illustrated by Alex Sanchez.
12. “30 Days of Night: Eben and Stella” (paperback, gathers Eben and Stella #1-4, November 2007, ISBN 1-60010-107-0). Written by Steve Niles and Kelly Sue DeConnick, illustrated by Justin Randall.
13. “30 Days of Night: Red Snow” (paperback, assembles Red Snow #1-3, January 2008, ISBN 1-60010-149-6). Conceived and visualized by Ben Templesmith.
14. “30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow” (paperback, encompasses Beyond Barrow #1-3, March 2008, ISBN 1-60010-155-0). Penned by Steve Niles.
15. “30 Days of Night: 30 Days ‘Til Death” (paperback, compiles 30 Days ‘Til Death #1-4, June 2009, ISBN 1-60010-441-X). Crafted both in words and images by David Lapham.


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