Hollow in the Land

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Hollow in the Land (2017 Film)

“Hollow in the Land,” a gripping 2017 Canadian thriller directed by Scooter Corkle, unfolds a tale of family entangled in the aftermath of a heinous crime. As Keith Miller languishes in prison for Eli Balkoff’s murder, repercussions reverberate through his family. A year later, a body surfaces in a nearby trailer park, coinciding with the disappearance of Keith’s son, Brandon, who swiftly becomes the prime suspect.

Alison, determined to clear her brother’s name, embarks on a perilous journey. The search unravels a series of ominous events, with each discovery leading to more casualties. In her quest for the truth, Alison encounters enigmatic characters and navigates a web of mystery.

Amidst the investigation, Alison’s encounters include a mysterious Lenny, a missing Charlene, and a pursued Tyler, each adding a layer to the unfolding drama. The trail intensifies as she follows leads, encountering danger and intrigue.

Tyler, a key figure in the puzzle, reveals critical information before meeting a tragic end. Alison, now targeted, faces gunfire and injury in the pursuit of justice. Clues emerge, pointing to Charlene’s involvement, unraveling a motive behind the mayhem.

A night of rest precedes a crucial confrontation at Tyler’s hideaway, where tragedy strikes again. The assailant, elusive in the trees, leaves Alison wounded. Determined to expose the truth, she seeks refuge with Debbie and Ruth, who provide support and critical insights.

The unfolding events connect the dots: Charlene’s cigarette butts, Eli’s red car, and a tumultuous affair involving the Chief and Helen. As the climax approaches, a confrontation at the Chief’s house ensues, leading to gunfire and revelations. Officer Darryl and Charlene suffer injuries, exposing a vendetta rooted in familial ties.

In the final showdown, Alison confronts the Chief, unraveling the truth about Eli’s paternity and the motive behind the revenge. The search for Brandon concludes with a traumatized yet alive discovery. The narrative comes full circle as the family, scarred but together, visits Keith in jail.

“Hollow in the Land” weaves a riveting tale of suspense, familial bonds, and the pursuit of justice against a backdrop of secrets and vengeance.

Hollow in the Land

Directed & Written    Scooter Corkle
  • Michael Babiarz
  • Marlaina Mah
  • Jesse Savath
Cinematography Norm Li
Edited  Aynsley Baldwin
Music  Edo Van Breemen
  • Oddfellows Entertainment
  • Savath Pictures
Release Dates

20 June 2017

 92 Minutes
Country Canada
Language English


A year has passed since Keith Miller was imprisoned for Eli Balkoff’s murder. Nestled in a mountainous town with a close-knit community, tensions persist. Alison, Keith’s daughter, must repeatedly retrieve her brother Brandon from the local jail after he’s provoked about their father.

During an altercation with Sophie Hinton’s father, Earl, Brandon finds himself in a precarious situation. Later, the police deliver news of Earl’s death to Sophie and Brandon. With their father incarcerated, Brandon becomes the prime suspect.

As Brandon disappears, determined Alison takes matters into her hands to clear his name before the authorities apprehend him. Her quest leads her to the bowling alley, where she gathers information and steals a timetable. At the ice rink, Freya informs her of Brandon’s mysterious phone call. Officer Darryl provides insights into police evidence.

While investigating the crime scene, Alison discovers a crucial clue, unaware that someone is watching from the shadows. The Chief and Officer Darryl question her about her visit to the trailer park.

After a meeting with Freya, Alison obtains an address for Leland, a local drug dealer. However, she stumbles upon Leland’s murdered body and a peculiar cigarette butt. The police arrive, assuming Alison is the perpetrator, prompting her escape.

Alison encounters Lenny and notices the same unusual cigarette butt at his place. Meanwhile, Charlene goes missing. Alison spots Tyler, who claims to know Brandon’s whereabouts but is chased by an unknown assailant.

In search of Freya, Alison attends a party, narrowly escaping the police. Following a night’s rest, she reaches Tyler’s hideaway only to find him dead. Attacked near a river, Alison identifies a red car leaving the scene. Seeking refuge with Debbie and Ruth, she contacts Officer Darryl, discovering the cigarette butts belong to Charlene.

Armed with information, Alison, accompanied by Debbie and Ruth, confronts the truth at Helen’s house. Sophie and Charlene are found hiding at the Chief’s residence. A confrontation ensues, leading to injuries. The Chief discloses Eli as his son, seeking revenge on Keith. Sophie shoots the Chief, who attempts to escape in Eli’s car. Alison shoots and kills the Chief.

A search party rescues a traumatized Brandon from the hills. They reunite with their father in jail, bringing a resolution to the Hollow in the Land.

Actors / Cast

  • Dianna Agron – Alison Miller
  • Shawn Ashmore – Officer Darryl Tarasoff
  • Rachelle Lefevre – Charlene Hinters
  • Michael Rogers – Chief
  • Brent Stait – Lenny
  • Jared Abrahamson – Brandon Miller
  • Sarah Dugdale – Sophie Hinters
  • John Sampson – Earl Hinters
  • Jessica McLeod – Freya/Freya’s sister’s voice
  • Gina Chiarelli – Helen Balkoff
  • David Lennon – Tyler
  • Marilyn Norry – Ruth
  • Glynis Davies – Debbie
  • Cameron Hilts – Justin D
  • Cody Chernenkov – Leland

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