Mike Venaani
Mike Venaani

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Mike Rapuikua Venaani

Mike Rapuikua Venaani, Mike Venaani, born on September 13, 1950, is a prominent Namibian figure known for his roles as a politician and farmer. With a deep connection to his country, he has been a steadfast representative of the Popular Democratic Movement in the National Assembly of Namibia since June 2022. Beyond his political endeavors, Mike Venaani’s familial ties are noteworthy, as he is the father of McHenry Venaani, the leader of the party. Through his contributions in both the political and agricultural spheres, Mike Rapuikua Mike Venaani has left a lasting impact on Namibia’s social and political landscape.

Mike Rapuikua Venaani

Date of Birth 

Birth Place


Political party






13 September 1950

Okatjoruu, South West Africa


Popular Democratic Movement

6 June 2022

Augustineum Training College

 Farmer , Politician

Lydia (Marriage 2004)


Parliamentary Career - Mike Venaani

In the 2019 general election, Mike Venaani put forth his candidacy for the National Assembly as part of the PDM (Popular Democratic Movement) list and was successfully elected to a seat in the assembly. However, following the election, a significant turn of events unfolded within the PDM. The party chose to modify its list of nominated candidates for the National Assembly, resulting in the removal of Venaani and five other candidates.

Among those affected were Charmaine Tjirare and Hidipo Hamata, who, like Mike Venaani , were excluded from the revised party list. Reacting to their removal, Tjirare and Hamata took legal action by approaching the Electoral Court. Their objective was to challenge the validity of the amended candidate list and secure their positions as Members of Parliament (MPs). Their legal pursuit proved fruitful when, on July 13, 2020, the Electoral Court ruled in their favor. The court’s decision was anchored on the principle that political parties cannot make alterations to their candidate lists after the election has concluded and prior to the swearing-in of the elected candidates into the National Assembly.

The PDM and the Electoral Commission chose to appeal this judgment in the Supreme Court. However, their efforts met with defeat on May 30, 2022, as the Supreme Court upheld the original decision and dismissed their appeals. Consequently, the court issued an order for the six PDM MPs, who had been added to the amended list, to vacate their seats in the National Assembly without delay. This ruling aimed to facilitate the proper induction of Mike Venaani and the five other PDM members who had been duly elected during the initial election. The swearing-in of Venaani and his fellow PDM members as MPs took place on June 6, 2022.

In a subsequent development, it came to light in March 2023 that Mike Venaani and the five other MPs had penned a letter to Lydia Kandetu, the secretary of the National Assembly, on February 14, 2023. This letter outlined their demand for retroactive payment from the National Assembly, dating back to March 20, 2020, which marked the commencement of the present session of the National Assembly. They also sought the restitution of pension-related funds that had been deducted from their predecessors. This request shed further light on the ongoing intricacies of their journey in the Namibian political landscape.

Personal Life

Born on September 13, 1950, in Okatjoruu, South West Africa, Mike Venaani early life was rooted in this region. He pursued his education at the Augustineum Training College. During his professional journey, Venaani embraced the role of a farmer while concurrently immersing himself in the realm of politics, a path he embarked upon in 1969. A notable phase of his political career included his tenure as the Secretary-General of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, an organization that later underwent a transformation and emerged as the Popular Democratic Movement. At present, this very party is led by his son, McHenry.

In his personal life, Mike Venaani shared a marital bond with Lydia, a partnership that endured until her passing in 2004. Through these diverse experiences and roles, Mike Venaani life narrative is marked by his engagement in both farming and the political sphere, as well as his significant contributions to the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance and the evolution of the Popular Democratic Movement.


Who is the Leader of the Opposition in Namibia?

As of the most recent updates, the leader of the opposition in Namibia is McHenry Venaani, who heads the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM).

What is the PDM Party in Namibia?

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) is a major political party in Namibia. Formerly known as the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA), the party was rebranded as PDM in 2017 to rejuvenate its image and appeal to a broader demographic.

Is Namibia Rich or Poor?

Namibia is classified as a middle-income country but exhibits a high degree of income inequality. It has abundant natural resources, particularly diamonds and uranium, which contribute to its GDP. However, wealth distribution remains uneven, affecting its poverty metrics.

Which Language is Spoken in Namibia?

English is the official language of Namibia, used in government, education, and business. However, the country is culturally diverse, with several other languages widely spoken, including Afrikaans, German, Oshiwambo, Herero, and Nama.

Who is PDM Party in Pakistan?

There appears to be a confusion; PDM in Pakistan refers to the Pakistan Democratic Movement, which is a coalition of major opposition parties aiming to challenge the ruling party’s policies. It is unrelated to Namibia’s PDM.

How Many Ministers Are There in Namibia?

Namibia’s government typically consists of around 20-30 ministers who head various departments and portfolios. These numbers can fluctuate with different administrations and structural reforms.

Who is the Leader of PDM Namibia?

The leader of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) in Namibia is McHenry Venaani, a prominent political figure known for his advocacy for democracy and economic development.

Is Namibia a Safe Country?

Namibia is generally considered safe for residents and tourists alike, with lower crime rates compared to many other countries in the region. However, like any country, it has areas that are safer than others, and usual safety precautions are recommended.

Why is Namibia Famous?

Namibia is famous for its stunning landscapes, including the Namib Desert, one of the oldest deserts in the world, and its remarkable wildlife and national parks, such as Etosha National Park. It’s also known for its diamond mines and rich cultural heritage.

Is Namibia Good to Live?

Namibia offers a high quality of life for those looking for a peaceful and scenic environment to live in. It boasts a stable political climate, a growing economy, and a low population density, which many find appealing. However, like any country, living conditions can vary greatly depending on location, employment status, and other socio-economic factors.


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