Dasht (Kharan)

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Dasht (Kharan - Balochistan)

Dasht, an Urdu name spelled as دشت, is a town and a tehsil situated within the Kharan District of Balochistan, Pakistan. This town is strategically positioned at coordinates 28°36’30N latitude and 66°18’50E longitude, boasting an elevation of approximately 1,796 meters, equivalent to 5,895 feet above sea level.

The tehsil of Dasht, encompassing the town and its surrounding areas, had a recorded population of 58,621 individuals during the 1998 census. It is essential to recognize the significance of Dasht within the larger context of the Kharan District and the broader Balochistan province.

Dasht’s unique geographical location, characterized by its elevated terrain, contributes to its distinct climatic conditions and landscapes. This region offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural diversity that is emblematic of the larger Balochistan region.

The town of Dasht, with its cultural heritage and historical significance, serves as a vital hub within Kharan District. It is emblematic of the rich tapestry of communities and traditions that thrive in this part of Pakistan.

While the 1998 population figures provide valuable historical data, it is essential to note that demographic changes and developments have likely occurred in Dasht and the surrounding tehsil in the years since. These changes, along with ongoing efforts in education, infrastructure, and economic development, continue to shape the town’s identity and its role within the greater Kharan District.

In summary, Dasht stands as a noteworthy town and tehsil within the Kharan District of Balochistan, Pakistan. Its unique geographical attributes and cultural significance contribute to the diverse fabric of the region. As with many regions, it has evolved over time, reflecting the dynamic nature of Pakistan’s demographic and economic landscape.







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5,895 ft (1,796 m)

28°36′30″N 66°18′50″E


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