Mastung District

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Mastung District (Balochistan)

Mastung District, known as ضلع مستونگ in Urdu and مستونگ in Balochi, is situated in the northwestern region of Balochistan province, Pakistan. This district, with its unique history and geographical significance, has played a vital role in the cultural and administrative landscape of the region.

Before its establishment as an independent district in 1991, Mastung was an integral part of the Kalat District. This division marked a significant moment in the administrative reorganization of the region, leading to the emergence of Mastung District as a distinct and self-contained administrative entity.

Mastung District boasts a diverse and culturally rich environment, characterized by its unique traditions, languages, and landscapes. The district is known for its captivating natural beauty, with picturesque landscapes that include mountains, valleys, and vast expanses of open terrain. This topographical diversity not only contributes to the district’s scenic charm but also influences its local economies and ways of life.

The people of Mastung District are known for their resilience and strong cultural identities. Various ethnic groups and communities coexist harmoniously, contributing to the region’s vibrant social fabric. Balochi is one of the primary languages spoken in Mastung, reflecting the cultural heritage of its residents.

Over the years, Mastung District has experienced changes and developments in its social, economic, and political spheres. As it continues to evolve, this district remains an essential part of the broader Balochistan province, making valuable contributions to the region’s cultural tapestry and the overall development of Pakistan.

In summary, Mastung District, with its unique history and natural beauty, stands as a testament to the diverse and culturally rich landscape of Balochistan province. Its creation as a separate district in 1991 marked a significant milestone in the region’s administrative history, reflecting its enduring significance in the larger context of Pakistan.

Mastung District

Mastung District









Population (2017)

Time zone




29.80°N 66.85°E



3,308 km2





The district is comprised of three Tehsils, which are administrative subdivisions:

1. Dasht ⊕
2. Kardigap
3. Mastung ⊕

Before the year 2006, these Tehsils were further divided into 12 union councils: Khadkoocha, Ghulam Parenz, Karez Noth, Mastung-1, Mastung-2, Sorgaz, Dasht, Isplinji, Kanak, Shaikh Wasil, Kardigap, and Soro. However, in 2006, an additional union council was established under the name of Alizai, bringing the total number of union councils to 13.


According to the 2017 census data, Mastung had a total of 38,263 households and a population of 266,461 residents. The sex ratio in the district was reported as 932 females for every 1000 males. The literacy rate in the district was 39.66%, with 49.69% for males and 28.92% for females. Among the population, 34,997 individuals (approximately 13.17%) resided in urban areas. Notably, 34.97% of the population was under the age of 10. Additionally, there were 775 people (about 0.29% of the total population) from religious minority groups, primarily belonging to the Hindu community.

In terms of language diversity, the 2017 census revealed that 85.93% of the district’s population spoke Brahui as their first language, while 8.00% spoke Balochi, and 3.02% spoke Pashto. These linguistic variations contribute to the rich cultural tapestry of the region, reflecting the diversity and heritage of Mastung District.









Education & Qualification

As per the Pakistan District Education Rankings of 2017, Mastung District holds the 74th position among the 141 ranked districts in Pakistan based on the education score index. This index assesses various factors, including learning outcomes, gender parity, and student retention rates within the district’s education system.

The literacy rate for the population aged 10 years and older in the district was reported at 59% for the year 2014-15. However, there is a significant gender disparity in literacy, with only 38% of females in the district being literate.

One of the prominent challenges facing Mastung District is the limited access to post-primary education. Approximately 79% of schools in the district are primary-level institutions, whereas high schools make up only 8% of government schools. This is reflected in the enrollment figures for the year 2016-17, with 15,842 students enrolled in classes 1 to 5, compared to only 642 students enrolled in classes 9 and 10.

Gender inequality remains a pressing issue in the district, as only 36% of the schools are designated as girls’ schools. Access to education for girls is a significant concern, and this is reflected in the lower literacy rates among females.

Furthermore, the schools in the district suffer from inadequate basic facilities. According to the Alif Ailaan district education rankings of 2017, Mastung District ranks 107th out of 155 districts in Pakistan for primary school infrastructure. At the middle school level, it is placed at 115th out of 155 districts. These rankings take into account essential facilities such as access to clean drinking water, functional toilets, electricity supply, the presence of a boundary wall, and the overall condition of school buildings. Shockingly, 4 out of 5 schools in the district lack electricity, over half of the schools lack proper toilet facilities, and 1 out of 3 schools lacks a protective boundary wall. Additionally, 3 out of 5 schools do not have access to clean drinking water, further highlighting the pressing need for improvements in the district’s educational infrastructure.

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